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Complaint Filling Guidelines


1.1. Terms complaints and customer (client) complaints TAXC (hereinafter - TAXC) designed to meet the requirements of the EU regulations and Shvetsarii, legislative acts of other countries in which services are provided TAXC determine the order in which TAXC receives and investigates complaints by clients and services provided TAXC activities TAXC, the order in which TAXC provides answers to customers, as well as dispute settlement procedure.
1.2. TAXC - TAXC Limited TaxC , L Consult AG and all child entities, officials and their staff. TaxC is a registered trademark in the UK UK00002590784 1 to 42 class of goods and services belonging TAXC.

1.2. Terms used in these Regulations:

Client - physical or legal person who provides services TAXC or in writing, which announced its intention to receive services in TAXC,.
Complaint - a written complaint Client (claim, statement, request, demand or other document) to non-compliance and / or violation of the Rules of Service TAXC, defined in the general conditions of service and / or prisoners TAXC transaction documents (contracts, orders, orders , regulations and other documents).

1.3. The rights and obligations of the Client:

1.3.1. The client has the right to treat their written complaints directly to TAXC.
1.3.2. Customer appeals to TAXC a complaint has the right to receive a written response from TAXC in the manner prescribed by these Rules.
1.3.3. The client has the right at any time to withdraw his complaint.
1.3.4. The client can file a complaint with the TAXC himself or through a representative. Client representative shall submit TAXC document or power of attorney, which confirm its right to represent the client.
1.3.5. TAXC accepts complaints only in Ukrainian, Russian or English. The complaint is being considered and a written reply by the Client TAXC is the language in which the complaint.
1.3.6. The client is obliged within the period specified in the request TAXC and of not less than fourteen (14) calendar days to submit to the TAXC TAXC requested information and documentation on the facts and circumstances referred to in the Complaint.
1.4. TAXC receive and review of customer complaints and provides answers to them in the manner and within the time specified in these Rules, subject to the regulations of Ukraine, the Republic of Cyprus and the countries in which the company is registered client.
1.5. TAXC not consider anonymous complaints, which is not specified or is not identified by the applicant.
1.6. TAXC may suspend the provision of services to the Client until full consideration of all the circumstances, the customer complaint and dalshejshem refuse service Customer complaint.


2.1. The client can file a complaint in TAXC only in writing.
2.2. TAXC does not consider the customer complaint about the validity of existing TAXC in tariffs, terms and conditions for granting them.
2.3. The client can file a complaint in TAXC:
2.3.1. at personal visit Customer (his authorized representative);
2.3.2. by mail - by sending a complaint to the Department of Audit at Office service;
2.3.3. using e-mail - compliance <@> then send the original complaint referred to in clause 2.3.2 of the address;
2.4. TAXC takes to deal with customer complaints, which is signed:
2.4.1. the handwritten signature of the Client (or his representative) and supplemented by a print
print (if any), next to the signature of the client's own name indicates, and marks the date when the complaint is submitted TAXC at personal visit or sent by mail;
2.4.2. if a scanned copy of appeal shall be filed by e-mail or fax, at the same time sending a scanned copy of customer complaints is making a copy of an internal scan of the passport and the passport for travel abroad, as well as a copy of the INN.
2.5. The client has the right to file a complaint with the TAXC in the following cases, in the following terms, and the following order:
2.5.1. of unauthorized or incorrectly executed instructions or filed immediately, as soon as the client learned of the unauthorized or incorrectly executed instructions but no later than 14 days when such actions were carried out, if entered into between the Customer and the TAXC agreement (document the transaction) does not specify a period of time and the procedure for filing complaints.
2.5.2. Consumer (a natural person who uses the services provided by TAXC personal needs) must file a complaint within 14 days from the date of delivery TAXC service or the date of its order (if the service is not provided) in other cases not referred to in paragraphs 2.5.1 and 2.5.2 if the prisoner between consumers and TAXC agreement (document the transaction) does not define a period of time and the procedure for filing complaints.
2.6. When submitting a written complaint it should be indicated:
2.6.1. information about the complainants:
for individuals - name, passport number, personal ID number of the taxpayer, if there is none then the date of birth, home address, contact number (mobile) phone;
for legal entities - name and registration number, address, title, name, surname representative, telephone number, personal identity representative of birth, residential address and identity of the representative;
2.6.2. the way the applicant wants to get an answer TAXC (if by mail, in the Complaint should be the address to which you want to reply TAXC);
2.6.3. The essence of the complaint;
2.6.4. documents (if any), which are attached as an appendix and justify the complaint.
2.7. If the complaint filed by the Customer does not meet the requirements set TAXC in paragraph 2.4 and / or 2.6, then TAXC within ten (10) working days from the date of receipt of the complaint and prepare a letter to send to the client in the same way it was received complaint or to the mailing Customer's address, showing the established deficiencies and of their elimination.
2.8. TAXC has the right not to consider the complaint having clearly offensive content.
2.9. TAXC may disclose partially or completely confidential customer information service provided by the customer and the transaction to third parties for a full and fair review of the complaint or if it is required by the law of the country, which made the complaint.


3.1. Day of receipt of the complaint is considered the date of receipt (registration) Complaints TAXC.
3.2. All complaints received by customers TAXC records in accordance with the Nomenclature of affairs TAXC.
3.3. Complaints received immediately transferred to prepare replies executives of the audit department TAXC in accordance with the established in TAXC internal regulations.
3.4. After receiving customer complaints TAXC examine the complaint and, if necessary, request additional information from the Customer and / or documents on the facts and circumstances described in the Complaint.
3.5. TAXC considering complaints filed by clients in the best possible short term.
3.6. After receiving complaints from the Customer to meet the requirements of these Rules, and all the additional information and / or documents in accordance with paragraph 3.4, TAXC reviews them and gives a written response within ten (10) calendar days, except in cases where the client TAXC and for this time to reach an agreement on the implementation of the requirements described in the Complaint Customer or an alternative method, client satisfaction;
If the complaint is related to a transaction service that is performed or rendered outside the territory of Ukraine, or if for objective assessment of Appeals required to request and receive information from a third party, TAXC answers to customer complaints within sixty (60) calendar days.
3.7. If TAXC need more time to fully ascertain and investigate the facts and circumstances described in the customer's complaint, resulting in TAXC can not keep these in terms of clause 3.6, TAXC extends the consideration of complaints for a period not exceeding four months from the date of receipt of the complaint by directing written notice to the client using the same means of communication (mobile phone e-mail, mail), which complaint has been received, if the client does not have any other way to get the desired response.
3.8. TAXC vendor provides an answer to the complaint in writing, using the same means of communication (Internet, e-mail, mail), which complaint has been received, if the client does not have any other way to get the desired response.
3.9. To customer complaints received in the mail, or the Customer's request a written response TAXC sent to the Client by registered mail or in any other way with the fixation of the fact of departure. In this case, the response is sent to the address specified in the Complaint Customer or the Customer's address on the other, known TAXC passport according to customer data. TAXC may also issue a response to the Client personally TAXC, under the signature.
3.10. TAXC taking all possible steps to resolve the dispute between the Customer and the TAXC through negotiations.
3.11. If during the examination of complaints TAXC states that it is fully or partially substantiated, TAXC take all necessary measures to immediately, within a reasonable time partially or completely fulfill the requirements specified in customer complaints, and to eliminate the deficiencies or weaknesses


If the Customer is not satisfied with the response given by TAXC on his complaint, he may file a response to complaints from a lawsuit or arbitration specified in the agreement concluded between the Client and TAXC transaction documents (with its associated document), about which there was controversy . If the contract provides otherwise, and the parties have not reached agreement, all claims are considered in courts of arbitration in Switzerland. L Consult AG is an authorized representative TAXC in Switzerland in all matters arising in relation to complaints and claims of customers TAXC